The basic principles of finance
"scientific pricing system" and "no arbitrage opportunities" are mutually necessary and sufficient conditions; emphasizing the overall situation and stability, local problems’ settling must be conducive to the stability of the entire financial system.
China's actual situation
the institutional arrangement of progressive reform with Chinese characteristics, the huge economic volume in the transition period, emergence and transition of the Chinese financial system.
Understand and recognize these major problems, and establish a pricing system to form a relatively stable financial system, only in this way can us effectively carry out financial innovation and supervision, and support the healthy development of the real economy.
The board of trustees and leadership team consist of financial leaders and industry elites.
The board of trustees is the highest decision-making body of Shanghai North Bund Finance Institute (NBFI) and leads the Dean Responsibility System. Board and leadership team members are all financial leaders and industry elites, with deep research skills and broad macro vision。They have a close relationship with government departments, regulators, financial industry and academic institutions and a deep understanding of the difficulties and priorities of China's economic and financial reform and development.
Academic Committee
Cooperation and exchange
Shanghai North Bund Financial Institute (NBFI) is supported by government departments and regulators, and has a close relationship with Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China Financial Futures Exchange, The national stock transfer system, Shanghai Gold Exchange, Shanghai Futures Exchange and Large commercial banks, insurance agencies, securities companies, and some large private equity funds, and may cooperate to undertake or jointly carry out a number of research projects.

NBFI will hold various forms of high-end communication and research meetings to build financial capital, industrial capital and high-end talent exchange platform, and then form a distinctive, branded financial platforms and clubs to promote cross-border, cross-industry movement and the Commercialization and Marketization of Financial Research Achievements. Finally, a sustained, normal, influential financial intelligence platform is established, and wisdom inspired.
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